My name is Ricky Renfro.
I'm a videographer, editor and do graphics.
I'm married my wife name Chris M. Renfro.
My wife and I started "Luv 2 Video Productions Ministries" 2009.

I started it in 1979 shooting my first videos.
They were in black and white.
Learn how to edit by clipping each film splicing each clip.
Gone a long way since then.

I bought my first camcorder in 2007.
Filming everything at church. I was asked to edit them for church.
I did a lot of gospel showcases. For Branson  Missouri and Nashville Tennessee.
I was asked April the 26th 2008 to film Dottie Rambo.
At the Settle Inn in Branson Missouri.
But on May the 11th 2008 her bus ran off the road and killed her
and Mount Vernon Missouri.

And 2009 and we started Luv 2 Video Productions Ministries.
With a new camera 35 mm a Panasonic HD TV camera. Filming a lot music videos.
For Ron Blackwood, The Best is Yet To Come Ministries, Gary S. Paxton, Jimmy
Jack Whitaker,
James Marvell, TheGreat Passion Play, Chris Hester, Randall Christy, Jim
Greeninger, New York Says Thank You Foundation and many many more.

Done many interviews with Karen Peck and New River, Jeff and Sheri Easter,
The Freemans, The Kingsmen, The Talleys, Three Bridges, Dove Brothers,
Gordon Mote, Donnie Williamson and others over the years.